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At Wheely Concepts, we’re all about creating your own destiny within reach.

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 What do you get? 

 ·         All trailers are new and fully operational

  License and maintenance for the 12 months our responsibility 

 ·         Each SFT trailer comes with a  

 ·         Plumbing system, sink, tap fresh and grey water. 

 ·         Full electrical installation, lights, plugs, distribution board and an external plug point. 

 ·         Nonslip floors 

 ·         Stainless steel working surfaces 

 ·         Storage cupboards and space for a fridge or freezer. 

 ·         Custom fitted options available *

 ·         Black or sand in colour, will depend what is in production

 ·         Assistance with trading license 

 ·         Gas installation with a certificate optional extra R3500

 ·         Air vent whirlybird system. Optional extra 

 ·         Display serving counter. 

 ·         Extended flaps for sun and rain protection. 

 ·       Lockable door and serving hatch. 


Below are some features that will be provided with the food truck

serving windows.PNG
display windown.PNG

Serving windows

Two serving windows are provided one on the left hand side and one at the back of the trailer

No fixed contract

Should you run into a financial burden you can simply return the trailer with no additional cost or legal consequences

Small glass display

Convenient glass display to display delicacies, cold drink available or even your menu if you don't have something specific for the day.

low start up cost.jpg
gas bottle.png

Low start up cost

Investment is a fraction of the cost with a low start up cost and affordable monthly rental payments

Sink with a pump tap

A sink with running water is a requirement for the health and safety inspector. It is also important for staff to be able to wash their hands throughout the day inbetween customers.

Gas installation +certificate *optional extra

The food truck comes equipped with a gas installation and two points to connect equipment to. All you need to add is your equipment and a gas bottle.

health and safety.png

Shelving and storage

Plenty of shelves and storage space underneath counters. There is one lockable cupboard.

Option of 4 colours:

We have an option of 4 colours to choose from. Black, sand, mint and charcoal grey.

Certificate of Acceptability

Assistance will be provided for the  certificate of acceptability.  The hygiene and cleanliness of the trailer will be inspected on a bi-monthly basis.

salon, barber, spaza shop.PNG

Multiple uses

The food truck is not limited to food. It can function as a barber, mobile clothing store,  product promotion, massage parlour or a kiosk.


Convenient stabilisers drop down from all 4 corners to ensure stability or assist even when the surface is uneven.

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How to rent to own

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Am I locked into a 12 month contract?

No, You can exit our rent to buy agreements with no penalties at any time on condition the food truck is returned in it’s original state

Is the monthly rental fixed?

Yes the monthly rental remains the same for 12 months.

Will it be possible to buy the food truck before the end of the rental period?

Yes of course, if your business is doing very well we do offer a discounted purchase price prior to when the 12 month rental period ends

Is there equipment included?

No we offer equipment packages or your can bring your own

Can I brand the food truck with my logo?

Yes you can either make use of our packages or make use of your own branding

Can I have any colour?

No we offer, black, off white, tan and charcoal grey or mint green

Can I make any alterations?

No, our trailers are standard but we are happy to consider any requests.

Is the food truck insured?

Yes we insure the food truck and forms part of the monthly rental cost. It does not include the equipment insurance.

May I take the trailer outside the border?

No our trailers may not leave the borders of South Africa. The trailer will need to remain within a 100km radius. A request will need to be sent if the trailer is going beyond this to an event for example

What happens if the food truck is in an accident?

Report the accident to the SAPS and inform us within 24 hours via email.

How long before I can start trading?

It will take 8-12 weeks for the construction of the food truck and preparation +signing of paperwork.

How long notice do I need to give prior to returning the food truck?

It is advisable to provide 10 days prior to month end to allow for the payment to be stopped prior to the 1st of the month.

What if I returned the trailer and payment still goes off?

If the payment does go off it will simply be paid back either via an eft or refund on your card.

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